Making the most out of the mundane

So today I mowed the lawn, “so what” I hear you say! I AM one of those weird people who enjoy mowing the lawn.

For the past 18 months the lawn mowing had been outsourced to The Lawnmower Man (that is not his real name) and not a buff young lad like the guy out of the movie of the same name, just a regular dude. And it is a wonder I knew what he looked like, I never saw him, it was mowing magic. I would go to work, come home to a mowed lawn, an invoice would pop up in my Inbox, internet transfer and voila transaction complete.

The reason for the outsourcing is we live on a main road and our now Miss 3 was very erratic with her day sleeps, getting her to sleep during the right weather conditions on a day when the lawn actually had to be mowed was becoming a challenge. I preferred to get it done during the week to free up the weekend for family time and our hectic social life. I did not trust her to sit on the front step and watch, to be honest what toddler is that trustworthy? Now I still don’t trust her entirely to sit and watch but I can trust her to be in the house quietly (sometimes) watching TV whilst I do SOME things.

Then 1 day I get a call from a new mower man saying he had taken over my lawns. Then he started to say he was coming to mow and never showed up, this was beginning to annoy me, so this was the little push I needed to bring things back in-house. I dragged out the mower and edge trimmer 1 day, fuelled them both up and neither would start, I was so frustrated.

After getting them both fixed I had success, they started and away I went. So today was the 2nd time since the outsourcing that I did the deed.

Love it when all the equipment works.

Love it when all the equipment works.

The purpose of this post is to show you how you can use everyday chores and make a “workout” of it. Today I chose to mow in the heat of the day, sweating it out for about half an hour. Maybe I should try doing more housework as well …. hmmm I will think about it.

Now to go off on a tangent, when I decided to take back the mowing duties I wanted something to protect my legs from the line trimmer that was easy to put on, so I cropped off the legs of some jeans that were too big (yay) and did a wide hem on the top and added elastic and there you have the perfect pull on leg protectors. Now hubby’s response was “why don’t you just wear long pants”, well the thought crossed my mind, but this way I can pull them off when the mowing is done and carry on in the rest of the gardening in shorts if I desire.

Protecting my less than lucious legs from flying debris.

Protecting my less than lucious legs from flying debris.

So think about things you could do around the house that could burn some more calories and maybe even save you some money too. The savings I make by doing the lawn mowing myself pays for my Gym membership.

8 thoughts on “Making the most out of the mundane

  1. Good on you for mowing, I know what you mean about trying to arrange the mowing around kids naps, and then when my husband does it my toddler desperately wants to be out there with him.
    I found getting ready for all our home opens was a massive work out, all that scrubbing and cleaning, I was so exhausted afterwards!!
    Karen x #TeamIBOT
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    • Well my husband had never pushed a mower in his life until we started living together. He did have a go on a ride-on as a teenager but his parents never made him mow. My parents on the other hand had over 2 acres of manicured lawns growing up so I was often attached to a mower.

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