Who am I?

I am Rachael a 39.5 year old wife and mother of Miss 2.75.

So here I start 6 months before my 40th Birthday, debating whether I am going through a mid-life crisis and freaking out by focusing on exercise and trying, trying, trying to eat better.

I have a wonderful husband, family and friends who support me in everything I do, we have a daughter “Miss 2.75” who is adorable, cheeky, a little bit naughty, super cute and super super smart.

This is a recent photo weighing in at 108kgs. Taken at Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Tasmania, Australia

Fat to Fit and Fabulous by Forty is a blog about my current journey of weight-loss and fitness, my personal challenges, food addiction, insecurities and everything that goes along with being “Double Extra Gorgeous” and just wanting to be “Mildly Extra Gorgeous”, not to mention how the hell I got here in the first place. I am a fun, “CAN DO” kind of person, I will have a go an anything once, and if I love it will do it again and again, I think that is where my addictive personality comes out. I see myself as the “Funny Fat” girl. I have been overweight all of my life, always being the biggest at school (or so I though) and blossoming in my 20’s, excessively blossoming in my 30’s and hitting my biggest after our Honeymoon and then exploding during pregnancy. To give you some idea I am 168cm tall and on my Wedding Day I weighed 124kgs, after the Honeymoon (6-8 weeks later) weighed 132kgs and on the day I gave birth was 146kgs and was 146cm around the middle (coincidence) who knows.

About 8 months after I having our daughter, hubby and I both decided to have “Lap Band Surgery”, we had debated it prior to our wedding but thought we could do it (lose weight) on our own. We were of the opinion 1 in all in (ie both of us should do it or not at all) and he decided against it, so I chickened out as well. But it is amazing what bringing a small person into your life will do, the desire to live longer, be healthier and not inflict your poor food choices onto your “Offspring” becomes a major priority. My parents helped us out financially with the “Gap” costs of the surgery and we were very much supported by both our families.

So here I am about 25kgs down from prior to the Surgery and weighing in at 107.7kgs, I have plateaued for about 12 months going up and down by a couple of kgs over that time.

I invite you to follow my journey for the next 6 months to see if I can achieve my weight loss and fitness goals.


3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi Rach,
    Your website is entertaining & inspiring. As your good friend I watch you courageously have a go at anything. You may be overweight but your zest for llfe & mentality is that of a slim fit person! You rock & I would love to see you lose more weight because I want you around forever! And then, of course, there is that tacky nightclub in heaven which will encourage infinite parties whereby we can keep our respective ghostly selves nice & slim…because I am sure that’s what waits for us on the other side…& what we deserve. Anyways, I digress. I have every confidence in you & admire your honesty & forthrightness. Exposing yourself (not the naked-under-the-black-trench-coat type of exposure) is empowering…and a bit scary? You are amaze-balls. May the force be with you when sitting in front of a giant bucket of hot chips or some other evil temptation. Love Cindy (your friend who has been known to have a rather addictive personality herself! *Who said the bars closed you bunch of conservative deadshits, we are still thirsty!)

    • Dare I say Cindy 1 of my upcoming topics is “Binge Drinking”, there has been many a song about “Closing Time” “Last to leave the Party” etc etc.

  2. Good on you Rach. I am sure you blog will inspire people like me to also stick to a healthier lifestyle. Best wishes and i look forward to following your progress.

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