The Week that was – Let the Celebrations Continue

Monday I had an early morning trip to the Airport, hubby off to Singapore for work. So knowing I wasn’t going to get a morning workout in, I packed my runners to have a go, during or after work. Because hubby was away I cancelled my evening PT session as I didn’t have a babysitter. My mission for the day was to get all my work done and get out the door on time and do a quick run before I picked up Miss 3 from Daycare. I swear some days I try to cram waaaay too much into my day. So I dressed ready for a run and left work and then looking at the clock and I had to be at a friend’s house for dinner (who I haven’t seen in ages), to catch up with her another friend, I realised I was not going to fit everything in.  Obviously the run/workout is what suffered.

Tuesday after Miss 3’s swimming lesson, we were running late to make it to the Tuesday outdoor class and went into the gym for a Cardio session. To be honest I didn’t really know what cardio I was going to do and upon arrival I noticed there was a weekly cardio challenge up on the blackboard and it was 26 minutes of intense workout. I did a 10 minute warm-up on the cross trainer whilst I debated if I was going to do it, and I did. So here is how it went:

Goal                                                                      Actual
10 min spin bike Level 10 @ 100rpm                  Achieved that and completed exactly 5k
5 min treadmill as fast as possible                      Ran 0.68k at 8.5kph on 1.5 incline
5 min spin bike Level 10 @100rpm                     Achieved that and completed 2.5k
2.5 min treadmill as fast as possible                   Ran 0.34k at 8.5-9kph on 0.5 incline
2.5 min spin bike Level 10 @ 100rpm                 Achieved that and completed 1.3k
1 min treadmill as fast as possible                      Ran 0.15k at 10-10.5kph on incline 0.5

So all in all I was happy with my result and I thought the bike to run intervals would be really good Tri training. I am looking forward to the next weekly challenge. I was a little disappointed to see when I went back to gym later in the week they had put the rpm down to 80 (a bit soft if you ask me).

Wed I was going to go swim in the Harbour with the swimming group but received a message to say the water was too dirty, so I headed to the local pool to begrudgingly pay my $4.30 for a swim, as it turned out it was free, unknown to me if the heated pool temp is below 26 degrees then you don’t have to pay, so at 25.5 I was pretty happy. I must confess for most of my 45 minute session I was bored. I started singing the bored song I made up: Bored bored bored bored I’m so bored. Some suggestions I have had since are I may need to review my program and spice it up a bit, something to ponder, since I was not really working to a program at all (tips please, what is a program).

Thursday I went back to the gym to tackle my weights program, I got through 3 sets of most of my exercises before Miss 3 got bored, I even bumped a few of my weights up.

Ahh I claimed the "old man chair" and relaxed with a red wine and a mag.

Ahh I claimed the “old man chair” and relaxed with a red wine and a mag.

Friday I was heading off for a girls weekend so I dropped missy off at Daycare and headed up to Sydney to get a lift, luckily because I had only managed 4 hours of sleep before I was awoken at 5am by some of our workers needing something out of hubby’s truck, oh joy. I would have not been able to drive myself to our destination which is about 5 hours from home I was soooo tired. I had all good intentions to have a run when I arrived before cracking open the champagne but the entire trip the rain was like a monsoon, relentless all day. So again, no run.Saturday the rain was still relentless, so I opted for a 40 minute swim (instead of a run) and then had a spa bath whilst sipping on a glass of champagne. Total relaxation.

Hot Tub yeah baby.

Hot Tub yeah baby.

Sunday – we headed into town for more supplies it appeared we had almost cleared the house out of champagne and needed some more supplies for dinner. After treating myself to a milkshake and 2 donuts for lunch, very nutritious, we arrived back to our luxurious accommodation and my friend Kristy said she would come for a run with me. The rain had finally clearly, not sunshine, but overcast. We headed out on the country roads for a good 45 minute run, it was an unintentional hill run, I really had not researched the local terrain and there was some epic swearing from both of us as we struggled to reach the top of hill after hill. In hindsight I had a realisation that my water intake for the day was about 5 sips and I had the dry horrors and contemplated licking the water out of puddles to hydrate myself, a shocking feeling. But I finished, just.

with my beautiful Bridesmole Kristy. We did it, went for a run and in our 17 years of knowing each other an many many girls weekends away we have never done exercise.

with my beautiful Bridesmole Kristy. We did it, went for a run and in our 17 years of knowing each other an many many girls weekends away we have never done exercise.

This weekend has been so good to do a lot of nothing, catch up with 5 great friends including 2 of my Bridesmaids Bridesmoles and a lot of laughs, chatting, board games and hiding in a corner to read or watch some Movies. Drinking a little lot, eat a little lot in moderation kind of and more birthday cake. Successfully avoiding a hangover so far and getting in a bit of exercise.

* Side-note – we so far have a collection of 21 champagne corks and as I write this I am consuming tequila/margaritas for my last night away before I go back to reality.

Texas Hold-em champion, the Birthday Girl, yeah baby.

Texas Hold-em champion, the Birthday Girl, yeah baby.

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