I got this recipe from doing the 36 Day Challenge at my gym EnVie Woonona and loved it so much I just had to share. This is my replacement for the chocolate or sweet cravings and it really works. I make these in my Thermomix and have worked out the weigh conversions, but you can make them in a bowl or blender. The only investment I had to make was the Protein Powder and I have used it for this and many other recipes now.

I used to think protein balls, protein bars and protein shakes were a bit of a wank and only for the serious body builder types but I was wrong, so wrong. I am sure like all foods they are not all tasty but these are AmazeBALLS.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Protein balls

(40g)1 Tbs Peanut Butter (I make my own in the Thermomix)
30g dried coconut
(12.5g) 1 scoop Chocolate Protein powder
(40g) ½ cup wholegrain rolled oats
(25g) 1 tbs pure honey (I have also used Golden Syrup and I hear Rice Malt Syrup is great too)

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl or in Thermomix 4 seconds on spd 7. If the mix is too dry add about 10ml of water and stir again. Divide mixture into 8 and squeeze and mould them into balls in your hand. You can also roll them in a little extra coconut to pretty them up. I keep mine in the freezer and remove a few minutes before you want to eat.

Delicious balls of protein.

Delicious balls of protein.

Makes 8 AmazeBALLS.

Nutritional info per Serve
Calories 69
Carbs 8.6g
Fat 3.6g
Protein 2.2g