Unexpected bump in the road……

So what should have been a fun day turned to “Le poop” yesterday as I headed off to an all-day meeting in the city. Over an hour on the train and I wandered off to find the address of where I had to be, too busy looking at the navigation on my phone I stumbled down a little gutter and went over on my ankle, screaming in pain I crumpled into a heap in the gutter with huge profanities coming out of my mouth. As I called Hubby crying, 2 lovely people came over to see if I was ok, after a few minutes of chatting to them, composing myself I dragged myself out of the gutter and checked I was going in the right direction and limped to my meeting.

My right swollen ankle with my new best friend “Frozen Peas”

Being the martyr that I am, I gritted my teeth and walked as normal as I could, I did mention that I had sprained my ankle and they asked if I needed anything. Which I refused.

The meeting was ok but it did involved walking to different locations which was getting painful the longer the day went on.

Finishing the meeting at around 5.30pm I managed to get a lift back to the station, by this time I was in a great deal of pain and just wanted to get on the train and put my foot up. Because of my now very slow pace there was a train on a platform, which had I been able to run, I would have made it but I could only hobble as fast as my sore swollen ankle would allow, which was not fast enough. Next train was 45 minutes away and required a change of trains half way, soooo frustrating. Anyway I made it back to my station, limped to the car, got Maccas on the way home because it was late and I was hungry and cranky at myself.

This morning I was in sooooo much pain I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom, I had to crawl. I called hubby to come home and save me before Miss 2.75 woke up which was 2 seconds after I got off the phone from him. I took a precautionary trip to the Hospital, Xrays and 3 hours later the Doc said it did not appear to be broken, phew.

To find a positive in a bad situation, whilst speaking to the Triage nurse I was having a whinge (as I do) about how this is going to throw my Triathlon training into chaos, she looked at me alarmed and said “Triathlon wow” that’s huge, as I played it down and said its only a little 1, we got chatting and she was genuinely interested in the fact that before Feb this year I could barely run across the road let alone pound out the K’s, I said just get out and get started, I genuinely believe I inspired her to get out and get moving, of course sharing my blog link with her to follow my journey. You don’t need to be skinny to be fit, just have a go.

I am really beating myself up for being a clumsy oaf and worried how I am going to look after my family and get on with life, as well has how it is going to effect my Triathlon training, with only 30 days to go I’m now stressing out.