Week 4 Challenge Wrap Up

This week of the Challenge the motto was “Confidence comes from success. Don’t give up”.  My 2 personal goals were in line with this motto, 1) Don’t doubt yourself and 2) Go hard in every training session.

My meal planning and actual food went like this.

Mon – Grilled fish with sweet potato salad
Tue – Beef and vegetable lasagne
Wed – Salmon and sweet potato
Thur – Chicken and bean enchiladas (Actual meal – homemade pumpkin soup)
Fri – Homemade Pizza
Sat – BBQ Calamari Salad (Actual meal – Homemade Pizza.)
Sun – Herb Crusted Lamb

As for my goals I was fairly confident in my meals and planning, I did, however have a couple of bouts of reflux so I didn’t feel like eating much and I struggled to eat 5-6 times a day, hence pumpkin soup instead of my planned meal. I also had to take my little man to the doctor and got myself checked whilst I was there and she diagnosed both of us with a Virus, mine was ear and sinus related and she told me to hold off exercise for a while which was tough considering my 2nd goal this week. I really had to focus on the food and not get myself down and hit the chocolate or junk (not that there is any in the house).

I took 4 days of rest and then tried to go hard with a road run which I haven’t done in about a year. I was aiming to run as much as I could of a 5k circuit, after a bit of a warm up walk I started to run and managed to continue (very slowly) for 32 minutes. My previous best post baby was 14 minutes on the treadmill, so I was pretty happy with my overall progress. I will be back to 5k non-stop running in no time.

I have been busy this weekend with my big girl having a little surgery and my meal planning for this last week of the challenge has been put out a day or 2, I did however order my groceries online and took a trip to the fruit shop and there are still no bad choices in the house. I also have a fairly severe case of OCPC Obsessive Compulsive Portion Control, I am weighing almost everything I put in my mouth. I know I won’t have to do this forever but it is great to give yourself a reality check every few months to get any overeating (even if it is good food) under control.

I’m scared but excited for my final weigh and measure this coming Thursday and I will report back with the results.

I will leave you with these wise words from the EnVie Challenge booklet:

“It’s not what you do now and then that shapes you, it is what you do every day”