Introducing – Master Kirby

So 2 weeks ago a new little man entered my life and stole another piece of my heart. He is so adorable and I’m not the only 1 who thinks so.

I was scheduled to have a possible Caesar almost from the beginning of my pregnancy, with different triggers throughout my pregnancy eventually confirming the procedure. My doctor arranged it 10 days before my due date and as any pregnant woman will know those last few weeks become more awkward and uncomfortable so the earlier the better as far as I was concerned.

My doctor operates in the afternoon so fluffing around the house until it was time to leave around midday was strange, knowing that in a few hours we would have our new addition to the family. Throughout my pregnancy I felt like I was having a boy and secretly hoping, but as any parent will agree, I was just hoping for a healthy baby. But when the nurse announced that it was a boy I burst into tears.

The name Kirby had been in the pipeline for over 4 years from when I was pregnant with Miss 4 and it was 1 of the few boy names that hubby and I both agreed upon so was kept secret just in case we were ever blessed with a little man and here he is.

Introducing my little man - Kirby at 1 day old.

Introducing my little man – Kirby at 1 day old.

Weighing in at 8lb 11oz or 3930g, 53cm long they say he was a big boy but a newborn is still tiny to me.

Now to give you my pregnancy stats my starting weight was 108.8kg (240lb) and on the morning of “baby day” I was 122.8kg so exactly 14kg (31lb) gain all of which I had put in on the last half of my pregnancy. Exactly a week later I was 113.9kg so nearly 9kg lost (I amazed myself). Now 2 weeks later I am only 2kgs off my pre-pregnancy weight so watch this space.

Fit Fab Forty and …… Pregnant

My weekly wrap that I didn’t do on Sunday would have read something like this.

Monday – no workout, started undercoating and painting.

Tuesday – no workout, busy painting, overwhelmed with renovations and the amount of work that had to be done, could often be found rocking in a corner.

Wed – no workout too tired after yesterday.

Thursday – announced to the World Wide Web, ie Facebook that I am 12 weeks Pregnant.

Friday – no workout

Saturday – managed to do a Boxing Class

Sunday – Mothers’ Day no workout.

So the big news of the week is I’m forty and pregnant. It was unplanned but we are very happy. It took some time to come to terms with (and a bit scary since I suffered a miscarriage about 18 months before), but once that 12 week scan all looked good it was time to share the news.

I am the worst secret keeper ever so keeping this in for the last 8 or so weeks had been killing me and it may have leaked to some close friends and immediate family. It was difficult to hide from those close to me as I was suffering Morning/All Day sickness, it was like having a hangover, day after day, but without the fun the night before.

Lots of people suffer from this apparently, but I was lucky with my first child that I didn’t feel sick at all.

When struggling with feeling sick the best cure I found was eating, some of my favourite choices were: cheese and dry crackers, Quelch fruit ice-block sticks, vita wheats with vegemite, bread, soft drinks and lots more. If I was 5 minutes late for a meal the nausea would overwhelm me, it was crazy.

At 10-11 weeks I started to feel better but 12-13 weeks til now it has come back with a vengeance, although not constant and all day like it was, just random waves of bad nausea.

Being pregnant and feeling sick has slowed me down with my training as you may have noticed from my lack of weekly wraps and lack of activity within the weekly wraps that I did do. I also get told so many things by so many different people about what exercise you can and can’t do. I took the advice of my Obstetrician which was, keep doing what you are doing, if you were doing it before you can do it whilst pregnant, don’t overheat your body and don’t go horse riding or water skiing. Ok Doc that is pretty easy, but my confusion lay with the overheating. How do you know when you are heading that direction? I asked Doc the question, he said your body temperature will only get dangerously high if you are running marathons etc. So pretty safe to say I’m not planning a marathon or similar whilst pregnant.

How much exercise can you do whilst pregnant?

Another thing everyone is asking is, are we going to find out the sex of the baby, well that is a big N-O. I love a good surprise and what is better than waiting 9 months, it is torture but worth it, besides it will save me and all those around me lots of money from pre-buying pink or blue baby goodies.

So a few of my fitness goals will be happily put on the back burner, my immediate goal is to not stack on the weight. Surprisingly I have not put on a scrap of weight in this first 3 months and hope to do the same for the remaining pregnancy. Doc has said at my pre-pregnancy BMI that up to 7kgs is an acceptable weight gain but he said plenty of people can lose weight whilst pregnant.

So I would love to hear your training and anti-nausea tips as well as if anyone was successful with weight loss during pregnancy.