Fit Fab Forty and …… Pregnant

My weekly wrap that I didn’t do on Sunday would have read something like this.

Monday – no workout, started undercoating and painting.

Tuesday – no workout, busy painting, overwhelmed with renovations and the amount of work that had to be done, could often be found rocking in a corner.

Wed – no workout too tired after yesterday.

Thursday – announced to the World Wide Web, ie Facebook that I am 12 weeks Pregnant.

Friday – no workout

Saturday – managed to do a Boxing Class

Sunday – Mothers’ Day no workout.

So the big news of the week is I’m forty and pregnant. It was unplanned but we are very happy. It took some time to come to terms with (and a bit scary since I suffered a miscarriage about 18 months before), but once that 12 week scan all looked good it was time to share the news.

I am the worst secret keeper ever so keeping this in for the last 8 or so weeks had been killing me and it may have leaked to some close friends and immediate family. It was difficult to hide from those close to me as I was suffering Morning/All Day sickness, it was like having a hangover, day after day, but without the fun the night before.

Lots of people suffer from this apparently, but I was lucky with my first child that I didn’t feel sick at all.

When struggling with feeling sick the best cure I found was eating, some of my favourite choices were: cheese and dry crackers, Quelch fruit ice-block sticks, vita wheats with vegemite, bread, soft drinks and lots more. If I was 5 minutes late for a meal the nausea would overwhelm me, it was crazy.

At 10-11 weeks I started to feel better but 12-13 weeks til now it has come back with a vengeance, although not constant and all day like it was, just random waves of bad nausea.

Being pregnant and feeling sick has slowed me down with my training as you may have noticed from my lack of weekly wraps and lack of activity within the weekly wraps that I did do. I also get told so many things by so many different people about what exercise you can and can’t do. I took the advice of my Obstetrician which was, keep doing what you are doing, if you were doing it before you can do it whilst pregnant, don’t overheat your body and don’t go horse riding or water skiing. Ok Doc that is pretty easy, but my confusion lay with the overheating. How do you know when you are heading that direction? I asked Doc the question, he said your body temperature will only get dangerously high if you are running marathons etc. So pretty safe to say I’m not planning a marathon or similar whilst pregnant.

How much exercise can you do whilst pregnant?

Another thing everyone is asking is, are we going to find out the sex of the baby, well that is a big N-O. I love a good surprise and what is better than waiting 9 months, it is torture but worth it, besides it will save me and all those around me lots of money from pre-buying pink or blue baby goodies.

So a few of my fitness goals will be happily put on the back burner, my immediate goal is to not stack on the weight. Surprisingly I have not put on a scrap of weight in this first 3 months and hope to do the same for the remaining pregnancy. Doc has said at my pre-pregnancy BMI that up to 7kgs is an acceptable weight gain but he said plenty of people can lose weight whilst pregnant.

So I would love to hear your training and anti-nausea tips as well as if anyone was successful with weight loss during pregnancy.

The week that was – hanging in there

Monday – I dragged my “I don’t want to go to training” butt off the lounge and went to my evening session of Indoor Rowing, (Monday nights at 7pm are getting so hard now it is cold and dark). I was well worth it, after a good warm up we got back on the rower for 6x 30 second intervals as hard and fast as possible, I smashed it. But then my trainer threw another set at me and what do you know I got better again. I guess that’s why I pay him the big bucks.

Tuesday – I went to my gym EnVie and was going to go to the outdoor session but with rain looking imminent I decided to go to “Indoor Gym” as Miss 3 calls it. I decided to carry on with cardio after last night session I wanted to push myself. So after a warm-up on the Crosstrainer and then a warm-up on the tready, I upped the speed and started doing 30 second intervals, my fast 30’s I started at 8kph and then upped it by 0.5 to 1 each time until I cracked 12kph, I did 2 intervals at 12 and then started a slower decline back down. My previous best on the tready was 10.5kph so when I actually got back down to that level it actually felt easy (for 30 seconds anyway). Overall I did 12 intervals and dare I say smashed it again.

Wed – no workout

Thursday – Miss 3 and I had a big day of renovations ahead as the floorboards were being sanded tomorrow. Thankfully I had a salvation in my friend Cindy who came to pick up Miss 3 to take her to a friends house for messy fun day, leaving me free to get things done a lot quicker. I started working at 8am and apart from a few quick breaks throughout the day didn’t stop until about 8pm that night. Repairing floorboards, pulling out tacks and packing the last minute things away. Exhausted.

Friday – No rest for the wicked I was up at 4.45am to carry on moving the last of the furniture etc then headed off to work. We packed up the family and went to stay the weekend at “The Outlaws” so the floors could be sanded.

2013-05-04 06.34.07

Hello Sunrise – I don’t see you often enough.

Saturday – I got up early to drive ½ hour to boxing class (normally only have to do a 1 minute walk), I am pleased I made the effort, I did catch a beautiful sunrise, I was feeling a bit tired and lethargic but managed a half decent class. I popped in to see how my floors were going and they were looking amazing. I headed to a café to have some quality alone time a bite of breakfast and a Skinny Chai Latte, aaah the serenity.

Sunday – we had a great family day at the local Air Show, Wings over Illawarra. I had never been before and it was a pretty good day, things for all ages. Miss 3 of course spotted the kids rides from a mile away. My nemesis favourite Mini Donut van was there but I somehow was not hungry at the time and managed to steer clear.

The finished floorboards, let the painting and decorating begin.

The finished floorboards, let the painting and decorating begin.

So I think a pretty productive week of exercise considering the fact we are mid reno’s and had to move out of home for the weekend and keep some sort of normality in our lives. This week may be different there is so much painting to do and I think I will be using every spare minute, plus tradies coming.

The Week that was – Recovering, Retail Therapy and Renovations

Monday I had the arduous 5-6 hour Road Trip home from my girls weekend away, getting in the car and hitting the road by 9am. I was supposed to be refreshed but I was still tired with a few late nights and the inability to sleep in, it eventually catches up with you. I was going to attempt to go to the gym but I was a little bit excited to see my girl after 4 days away from her, so I headed to school to pick her up, she was so excited she nearly squeezed my head off and would not let me go, I loved it. 

The scary total of 21 Champagne corks after our girly weekend.

The scary total of 21 Champagne corks after our girly weekend.

Tuesday we had our normal ritual of swimming lessons and I managed to get back in time for the Envie Buggy Fit class and we had a full class of sand running/exercises. It was hell but good, it is always hard to run on sand, I tried to run as much as I could and always headed for the hard sand. It was a really good class and had to keep reminding myself that we pay them for this torture.

Wednesday morning I joined the swimming group for some training in the harbour. I always get there late, so I did 1 lap with the coach of the group and then did a few sprint laps with my trainer as well as some training for Tri swimming where he was pushing me around as I swam, simulating the crowded water. After swimming I had a little faux pas, I dived out of the car (wrapped in towel, straight from swimming) quickly posted a few letters and as they were going down the chute I realised that I had accidentally picked up some paperwork I had to deal with at the office including receipts that I needed for a financial claim and they were gone. Freaking out I had to stand out the front of the Post Office (in my towel) waiting for it to open to find out WTF I could do to get my paperwork back. So after explaining my predicament to the ladies at the PO she said come back after 2pm when the mailman has been, which I did and successfully got my paperwork back again. They had a snicker and asked where my towel was, a little bit embarrassing.

Bestie day was great, having a spot of sushi for lunch.

Bestie day was great, having a spot of sushi for lunch.

Thursday I had the most awesome girly day with my bestie (it was her 40th Birthday), we had a mani, pedi, lunch and shopping. AWESOME. I managed to spend some of my Birthday Vouchers and cashola, this is the Birthday that keeps on giving. I got myself some new runners from Athlete’s Foot. Leah my “Master Fit Technician” was amazing, analysing my feet on the fancy machine they have in store and asking me all the right questions to establish my shoe requirements.

My friendly and helpful Shoe expert Leah from Athlete's Foot.

My friendly and helpful Shoe expert Leah from Athlete’s Foot.

Bringing out a selection of shoes based on my footprint, pressure points etc. I was debating in the end between 2 different ASICS styles and then after trying each pair on both feet opted for ASICS Gel Kayano 19 in electric purple/white/neon/pink. Dare I say they were the best looking shoes I have seen in a while which never swayed my decision 1 little bit (oops may have told a small lie there). She also upsold me some Experia aero-dynamic fit socks and I upsold myself some neon stretch laces. Anyone who is doing any type of transition sports or is just too lazy to untie and retie shoe laces should get these, I love them. As an added bonus over the years I have spent a particular amount of money in their store and have managed to earn myself 2x $25 vouchers in loyalty points, so pending their fancy socks being great I should score myself 2 more pairs with the vouchers I will get in the mail. I did also manage to get into my Gym in the afternoon and did a very light 40min cardio session, with 10 min on the bike, 10 on the tready and 10 on the crosstrainer and a 5 min warm up and cool down on the bike. It is so hard to take it easy on taper week.

Oh yeah, my new shoes, socks and laces, lets hope they make me move faster.

Oh yeah, my new shoes, socks and laces, lets hope they make me move faster.

Friday started off amazing with my first phone call of the day from the local radio station initially trying to fool me into thinking Manu from MKR (My Kitchen Rules Australia) was calling and then revealing that I had been drawn out as the lucky winner of a $1000 voucher from Domayne kitchen dept. (Domayne sell a huge range of furniture, outdoor furniture, beds, homewares, laptops, bathroom vanities and appliances but my prize was to be spent in the Electrical Dept. with the only exclusions computers). To be entered in the drawer you had to submit a recipe. I submitted a recipe from my blog Prawn Saganaki. Happy Friday, yeehaa.

Saturday was T3 day, my 3rd ever Triathlon. Read about it here. After my Tri I came home to do some renovations, ripped up carpet, lino, and pulled out tons of staples. I think my muscles were more sore from doing the renos than the Triathlon.

Miss 3 playing Pro Hart before the carpet and other layers get removed.

Miss 3 playing Pro Hart before the carpet and other layers get removed.

Sunday back into renovation mode and I had to demolish a very well built, but ugly, old built-in wardrobe which took me about 4 hours plus finishing off pulling staples out of the floor. Dare I say it is amazing what you can do with a claw hammer and a big flat screw driver. More sweat and sore muscles. Oh and a quick mow of the lawn.

I could turn this into a renovating blog at the moment, lots going to be happening over the next few months. Next week stand by for a floor sanding update.

Have a great week everyone.