Portion Sizes

So I am doing a Photo a Day Challenge for October as found on Fat Mum Slim blog and to be honest I have never participated in anything like this before in fear of losing interest. But I have caved and thought I would give it a go.

  1. Yesterday was titled “where I stood”, and the picture I put up on my blog yesterday was of my runners sitting on my bike as I had just been for a swim/ride, ie I had just stood in those shoes.
  2. Today’s topic was lunch so I thought I would take a picture of my lunch (so creative).
  3. (stay tuned I might just keep doing it)

With Hubby being home sick Miss “Almost 3” and I ventured out to the Gym, post office and then I thought we would grab a bite to eat, giving hubby some quiet time, (something that never happens with us 2 girls around).

This post is not about exercise so I won’t bore you with what I did at the Gym today, but I did go. We went to a nice little Café called Jaffa* and I perused the menu for something good to eat, the only thing that seemed moderately healthy and to my liking was a grilled chicken club sandwich, although it did have a bit of mayo and bacon, it seemed like a good option compared to Jumbo Burgers, chicken parma or focaccia etc. My thought was I could deconstruct it and eat bits off it. When I re-read it I realised (although I knew but wasn’t paying attention) that a club sandwich has 3 slices of bread, which to me is ridiculous, so when I ordered, I asked for no 3rdslice and hold the lettuce (I feel it is unnecessary on a sandwich and makes it difficult to eat). It was also served with chips/fries which I thought Miss “Almost 3” would like.

Chicken Club Sandwich, hold the “Club”

When my not quite a Club Sandwich came out it was enormous, the bread was THICK white sliced bread which I loooove (imagine if there was 3 slices) and all the fillings looked delicious and moderately healthy. It came with potato wedges which I was not happy about, I am not a fan, too thick and gluggy for my liking, but suffice to say Miss “Almost 3” loved them and of course I was not going to eat them anyway.

To cut to the chase and the purpose of this post, I could only eat half of the sandwich and left the crusts, Miss “Almost 3” ate a good handful of the wedges but there was heaps left over and I asked the lady to pack up the other half of sandwich to take home for hubby.

So our 1 meal fed 3 people. Old Rachael would have eaten most of it until I felt sick and ordered extra chips/wedges for the child (because I never used to share well with others).

Are portion sizes just crazy at some places?
Would you like to ask for a half serve of something?

* Jaffa had the best skim Chai latte I have tasted in a long time.