The Week That Was #3

This is so appropriate for this week.Monday I did my regular Monday night session with my PT, some good cardio Indoor Rowing training, I can really see my training times improve, which makes me excited for the upcoming State Champs in Nov.

Tues no training I did go to work because of my not being in the office all day Wed.

Wed no training see my post about Wednesday’s debacle. Unexpected bump in the road …….

Upon reading that you will understand why this post should almost stop there. In short for those that don’t want to read it I sprained my ankle, was in so much pain on Thurs I went to Emergency for precautionary Medical treatment, Xray and thankfully nothing more than a damn good sprain.

By Saturday I was able to walk without much of a limp and decided upon heading to the gym for upper body weights. I managed 10 mins on the recumbent bike and pumped out 45mins of upper body weights. I am completely not used to the Gym environment, only joined 2 weeks ago and the new Gym/Studio only opened this week (I usually do small group PT sessions), I was a little bit nervous and self-conscious about it all, I am used to free-weights and this was mostly machines, although they train the same muscles, I was a little confused and when I went to do my free-weights I soon realised I had worked those muscles on the machines. Something tells me I should pay more attention and learn more about my muscles, but who has time for that, I sort of prefer being told what to do so I don’t have to think. I do know how to safely lift weights but I just don’t always know what exercise work which muscles.

Sunday I did a massive massive day of spring cleaning, 2 rooms and a “drop zone” sorted, lots to go. It felt like a workout.

I was really good with food up until Wed night when I splurged on Maccas after my stumble and haven’t really gotten back on track this week. I will get back to tracking tomorrow. And I know I haven’t drank enough water this week so that is on the agenda.

Goals this week, get my sore ankle out moving, track food and drink more water.