The Week That Was – Run Fatty Run

Monday – a hectic day at work and home, hubby has been doing a course in Sydney which means he is travelling in traffic about 3-4 hours a day, (I know some people do this every day but it’s hard when you are not used to it), being that we work together, it’s hard to communicate about work and personal life when he is locked away in a classroom, only able to respond via Text for most of the day. My problem is I think next time he calls I will tell him, this this and this, and when he calls I have forgotten everything. Anyway long story short, I picked up Miss 3 from Daycare, threw some food on a plate for her and tag teamed hubby to be able to get to my Circus Bootcamp Class. He then had to drag her to do an errand for work and after leaving home at 6.30am didn’t get home til after 8pm. I then got home close to 9pm which is when I threw some food on a plate for us to have dinner. Unfortunately this is our life more often than not at the moment and I get massive mummy/wife guilt.

Busting some circus moves.

Busting some circus moves.

I did enjoy the class this week and we recapped on our moves on the trapeze and the tissues and then tried some different moves on these apparatus. Dare I say I was slightly better than last week on the trapeze and with a bit of help from some of my class buddies I managed to get my legs over the trapeze and dangle and swing upside down. We also learned some handstands, which I could manage with a buddy holding up my feet and we did some of what I call Pyramid building (I think it has a more technical name), as it turns out I was pretty good at being on the bottom of the stack and was freaked out about breaking someone when I got up top, but I did it and everyone survived.

Stacking up.

Stacking up.


Tuesday – I hit the gym and planned to try and beat my 3k time on the treadmill, last time I started my 3k with a walk, so this time I separated my warm up and did 500m walk with a bit of a run, reset the tready and away I went started it at 7.8 and then kicked it up to 8kph for most of it. I smashed my PB by over 1 minute, so my new PB sits at 22.39mins for 3k on the treadmill (no incline).

Wednesday morning I joined a group of swimmers to do a training swim in Wollongong Harbour, I get there late because of Daycare dropoff, so I did 1 lap approx 400m with the group, and then I wandered up to the continental pool (shark free zone) to do some more training by myself as the rest of the group had finished. The pool was packed. I was stunned that I actually overtook someone in my lane, then I realised she was 100 years old and swimming breaststroke, then I did manage to overtake a lady doing freestyle, she was about 80. Upon getting out of the pool I discovered the average age of people at the pool was about 70 something. Part of the reason I went to the continental pool was because I needed to shower and dress to go to another appointment after, normally I just go straight to work all soggy and get ready at work. A lot of chitter chatter in the change rooms from the elderly clientele and a lovely old lady started a conversation with me about my fancy stainless steel drink bottle and as I go to look at her and reply I see she is completely naked and has dropped her towel to get dressed, avert my eyes, look away, I went with staring at the brick wall, now I am not a prude but I am not 1 to start nor continue naked conversations with strangers. Anyway I finished another 500m swim and could have done more but was running low on time.

Thursday no training.

Friday no training.

Saturday no training.

I was on a pretty good high after Mon, Tue and Wed’s training sessions, then someone said something to me on Wed afternoon that really affected me. I dwelled on it and simmered and fumed, got emotional and had to process it in my own way. It took me til Sunday to get my head around it and realised that it was a “thoughtless” comment and was not meant in harm and stemmed more from ignorance and not knowing the full story. I think I read too much into it. In the future I will try to not let these things affect me and my training and my goals.

With all the above feelings going on I fell off the “STAUNCH” wagon, especially Saturday I took Miss 3 to another local Show as someone gave me a free ticket, first stop was my absolute weakness, mini donuts, hot and fresh, fried and coated in cinamon sugar, bloody delicious. There were a few other misdemeanors including coke slushy, topped off with Pizza for dinner.

So Sunday came around and I got my head and butt into gear and headed to the gym, I planned to crank out another 3k on the treadmill, this time I wanted to add some incline into it, so was not trying to break any speed records, I did a “Random” setting on the treadmill on Level 1, and managed 3k in 23.05mins and then finished off with some arm weights.

It felt good and a great finish to a confusing week.

The week that Was – Shark Attack

A few things I am happy with this week, including the discovery of my WORD OF THE YEAR, which is “Staunch”. I must remain staunch in eating better, saying no to the bad things or having a small portion and the control to walk away from more. So far, my head is in a good place.

I also started tracking my food again on My Fitness Pal, every day, weekends included.

Monday – I realised that it was the first session of a 4 week course at Circus Bootcamp, yes you saw that correct, Circus Bootcamp. Circus Monoxide are a “half-high” circus offering classes from beginner circus/fitness to experienced Circus performance classes and toddler and kids classes. I purchased a deal off an internet site months ago and before I knew it today was here. The 2 hour class started with introduction of ourselves around the circle, there were 11 of us all together, then we went into some warm up games, followed by Yoga stretching, all of this taking about 30 mins, then it was time to learn some of the apparatus. 1st was the “tissue’s” which are the 2 lengths of fabric used for acrobatics, I always use a P!nk Concert as reference and most people know what I mean. 2nd was the trapeze where we had to learn to hang and swing. 3rd was to get up into the seated position onto the trapeze. By the time we had all had turns and practice on these 3 apparatus, almost another hour had past. We then moved onto some hula hooping and finally stretching and before I knew it the 2 hours had flown by. So my performance was dismal, however, I sweated buckets and I know my HR was increased (will wear my HR monitor next week to check on my calorie burn). My mission of doing something new is accomplished, but with 3 more weeks of classes I have PLENTY of room for improvement.   

Tuesday – A cardio session at the gym including 15 minutes on the Cross trainer and 15 minutes on the treadmill doing interval work 30 seconds walking and 1 minute running at 9 kph, followed by 5 minutes of abs.

Wed – I was invited by a swimming group to have a swim in Wollongong Harbour which is the course that I will be swimming when doing the Aquathon in a few weeks, so I jumped at the chance to train on the course. I completed 1 lap with about 4 other girls in a little pack which was comforting, I am still not fast but felt confident in finishing the 400m distance. Because I got there a little late everyone had finished their 2 laps and I had only done 1 and really wanted to do a second to feel like I had done a good training session. Another girl offered to watch me from the shore, so I headed off by myself, I got about 1/3 of the way and started to panic, not because I couldn’t swim, I had an “OMG swimming in a harbour alone and there could be sharks in here” moment, fucking stupid thought to have when you are swimming (excuse the language), but seriously you can’t control your thoughts and stupidity sometimes. A blessing came in the form of another swimmer zooming past me, then I had a “thank goodness, if there is a shark, he will get eaten first” moment, and all was good in the world. I think I need therapy.

A funny shark montage in honour of my irrational thoughts.

A funny shark montage in honour of my irrational thoughts.

Thursday – I did another cardio session at the gym again with 15 mins on the Cross trainer and after chatting with my PT she suggested I do longer distances with my intervals on the Treadmill, so 1 minute walking and 4 minute runs at 8.5kph for 15 minutes. I did happen to mention I had never done a distance run of any substance on the treadmill so it was proposed to do 3k every time I came in to do Cardio until the Aquathon.

Friday – day of rest

Saturday – I headed into the Gym with the aim to do a quick warm up and then my weights program but the 3k challenge was eating at me and I wanted to see if I could do it. So here is how my 3k went down: 
0-0.25k @ 5.5kph walk
0.25-1k @ 7.8kph (this felt like my w/up)
1.0-2.5k @ 8.0kph
2.5-2.9k @ 8.5kph
2.9-3.0k @ 9kph
So, in conclusion, my 3k time was 23.49min which apart from being a PB distance on the Treadmill, it was a record for me for a 3k in general. It is hard to compare outdoor running to treadmill but I am pleased about picking up the pace. In hindsight I should have stopped after 500m or 1k warm-up and stretched and started again and I think my time would have been even better, oh well there is always next time. I finished off my session with upper body weights and abs session. I was so happy and jumping out of my skin after his work out I felt great.

Sunday – no official workout but spent a few hours of the day at the local Show with Miss 3 and what a fun time we had. We went on the dodgems, the giant wavy slide 7 times (I secretly loved it too), the big bouncy slide, the harness trampoline bungee thing, side-show alley and a pony ride. We relaxed and enjoyed a donut whilst watching the horses in the arena (could not find a skim chai latte anywhere). For me there was lots of walking and walking carrying Miss 3 when she got whingey, plus 7 rounds up the stairs to the slide. It was fun, not many people there and not too hot. We got chauffer driven by hubby as he had to go to work for a little bit. A fun way to end the week.

Giant slide, we both loved it.
Giant slide, we both loved it.


Bungee Trampoline, she was a bit scared at first but once she got going wanted to go "Super High".

Bungee Trampoline, she was a bit scared at first but once she got going wanted to go “Super High”.