The Week That Was #4 – Binge and Whinge

So after last week and the sprained ankle which started a downward spiral of bad eating, I had a few emotional days leading up to Monday 10 September which would have been my niece’s 16th birthday, she passed away just over 14 years ago to SIDS before her 2ndbirthday. Also on Monday which I believe was Suicide Awareness day a dear friend of mine lost her husband to suicide, this was really hard to comprehend, I did not know her husband very well but to think of her and her 2 young boys just crushed me along with everyone else who knows her. It also brought back memories of about 10 years ago when my cousin committed suicide in the same way as my friends’ husband.

Thinking of my friend and her recent loss.

I know bad things happen and that is something we can’t control but turning to food seems to have always been my drug of choice and a bit of alcohol which then makes me more emotional.

It makes me sad and sad makes me lethargic, which makes me idle and therefore not prepare good food and I order take-away, go to drive-thru’s and/or eat junk. My self-control (which was limited to begin with) falls off the proverbial wagon.

I tried to continue with my workouts as this does help my mental state but only managed a few light workouts due to my ankle, which is still getting me down because all I really want to do is run (I never thought I would say that out loud “EVER”).

A friend of mine called me when I was on the exit of a drive-thru this week and said, STOP, what are you doing, don’t undo all the good you have done, this made me stop and think. So thanks for that wake-up call.

I also had a weekend away with the girls Scrapbooking, which is always a weight-loss challenge sitting for long periods of time and nibbling all day. I had to cut my weekend short and come home as Miss 2.75 had a vomiting bug, which Hubby managed to keep under control most of Saturday but by the afternoon he was a little frantic and rightfully concerned and suggested I come home, which I am glad I did. We got the Doc to come out and see her, but as we suspected not much can be done so it was just a little bit of over the counter medication and some hydrating ice-blocks which she still didn’t manage to keep down. Sunday saw a big improvement with only 1 bout of vomiting to contend with and she kept down some crackers with Vegemite.

So overall an emotionally draining week.

I have given myself an upper-cut in relation to food and even though I said it almost every day last week, I am going to get myself back on track Monday and use my friend My Fitness Pal keeping a food diary really does keep it real.

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