The Week that Was #5 – Ups and Downs

Monday night I did a cracking pace at my regular PT session with my indoor rowing training, 6k in 28mins, equal to my best.

Tuesday hubby left to go OS for 12 days providing me with some single mum challenges, how do they do it, my goal was to get Miss “Almost 3” into bed at a reasonable hour and do a workout at home – never happened. Since she has been sick she is out of whack with her sleeping and my normal 7.30-8.00pm bedtime has blown out to 9.00pm, time to rectify that quick smart.

Wednesday was a sad day, my friends’ husband’s funeral, I felt for her and the kids, he was a very popular and loved man based on the turnout. In her true kind hearted way she was consoling the congregation and she did an amazing job honouring him with her eulogy and photo slideshow.

Thursday I had all good intentions to do a workout but received a call from my MIL to say that Nanna Nanna (her mother) was not in a good way, she had been in hospital for a few days and been up and down with her health over the last few years. So I took Miss “Almost 3” to basically say our farewell, very sad to see her like that. (She passed away on Sat night, a fighter to the end). RIP Nanna Nanna.

Friday I did the evil thing and woke Miss “Almost 3” before 7am*, dressed her and put her in the car and she was basically still asleep until half way to Daycare, all so I could go for a swim and still be at work at a reasonable hour. I wanted to get in and do 300m straight away to see how it would feel for the Triathlon, felt pretty good. Also had a physio appointment to treat the sprained ankle and get it strapped up, seems to be getting better, but still no running.
*(Does anyone else do selfish things like waking their children to get in some exercise?)

Saturday I dressed in my workout wear from the time I got up and still had not managed to do anything by 12noon, so I decided to go shopping, to a local Active Wear store LokaMo were having a sale, I tried on a few things and bought an inspiration top (a little too small but I loved it), quick trip to the fruit shop and the butcher on the way home and then I tried to get Miss “Almost 3” to sleep in the car, the only way I can get her to have a day sleep is to drive her around til she falls asleep, I gave up after 20mins, how much petrol can 1 use on such an expedition. So I decided to try working out at home whilst she was awake and I dragged the Spin Bike out under the awning so she could play in the yard, my little helper wanted to keep looking at the TV ie the screen on the spin bike, then she got her little fingers onto the buttons and reset it so I lost who-knows how many k’s that I had already done. Anyway a few more interruptions to the workout, lots of whinging (not from me) and I managed to finish around 20mins and 10k plus the reset amount. Whilst spinning away I looked at the pants I was wearing and realised I had put them on inside out after my shopping, oops, so here I was wandering around town looking a wee bit special.

Today (Sunday) was my Aunty’s 60th Birthday party lunch, Miss “Almost 3” and I headed off. As per usual parties are such a tough gig to keep on track with healthy eating. I nibbled so much I wasn’t hungry by the time lunch was served, but not wanting to look rude I ate a bit anyway and then there was the cake and chocolates. Horrendous day of food really and I had a couple of cans of coke to wash it all down.

I must say I have been happy with the amount of exercise I have gotten done being like a single mum, I have teetered on the edge of not exercising on every occassion this week, but thought I would really regret it later.

My goal for this week is to keep up with my exercise and stay on track with food for 7 whole days, no free day/meal for me, because honestly I don’t deserve it.

2 thoughts on “The Week that Was #5 – Ups and Downs

  1. Hi Rachael,
    Good on you for getting the exercise in and giving your training some priority. With weight loss, it’s all about the food, so sending you good vibes for some excellent training and eating well this week.
    PS – hubby works away so I totally get the single mum thing
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