Red Wine Pilates

Those who read my blog know that it is mostly serious with a little bit of humour. Well this post is the opposite, it is completely funny and I would love to thank my darling friends and Bridesmoles Kristy and Maryanne for being such good sports at 1am whilst smashed, hammered, slightly intoxicated. Please excuse the poor photography but you don’t really think about that whilst doubled over with laughter. 

Character image used from

Character image used from

“I am rich because of the wonderful friends in my life, actually I’m loaded.” – Rachael Griffin

6 thoughts on “Red Wine Pilates

  1. Thats hysterical….till laughing as I try to type….lol……lmao… proud…..thats my girls……xxxx

  2. I feel special that I’ve made it to your blog Cookie Girl 🙂 I love time with my girls, especially priceless moments of gold like this. We really did laugh until our tummies hurt. We are blessed to be “loaded” xxoo

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