The Week that Was – Rowing full speed ahead

This week my focus has been on Indoor Rowing, with the NSW State Championships now less than 2 weeks away. In saying that, I probably have not done as much as I should.

Monday I went to my normal PT session and focused on Rowing, 2k warm-up then 4x 500m sprints and 2 minutes rest in between. It was hard because my nose was still a bit blocked, each rest consisted of blowing my nose. My trainer has put me in the No.1 Relay team for the State Champs so I hope my head cold is all cleared up by then I don’t want to let the team down. (I’m pleased to report that I am feeling much better).

Tuesday – had IT problems and had to go into work to get it rectified, missed my Bosu and weights session.

Wed – got up early and squeezed in a weights session and 10mins on the X-trainer.

Thursday – I did an extra session with my trainer for indoor rowing, after a 2k warm up I trained at race pace, short bursts, 2 mins at race pace and then 2 mins rest. I always wonder how I will keep up the pace for my 4 minute race when I can barely do it for 2mins, well it won’t be long to see if I can do it and get a PB.

Friday – I had a girly night out with a friend seeing a band and that is where the weekly wrap up will end, I had a hangover of epic proportions on Saturday and could not drag myself off the bed/lounge and Sunday was not much better, feeling very lethargic. Disappointed in myself to say the least.